Family Ministry - Sunday Morning -
Summer 2017
(June 18 - July 30)

8:45am and 11:15am Services - Child care available for all children ages kindergarten and younger. 1st grade and above attend worship with their parents.

10:00am Service -
Child care available for all children ages kindergarten and younger.  1st grade and above attend worship with their parents or families can join us for a special summer Sunday school class.

10:00am Sunday School Class- Psalms:  The Language of Prayer
Our church family will gather for a special interactive, intergenerational class.  We'll follow the sermon series and have additional teaching from the Psalms.  This class is great for adults and children ages kindergarten and older.  Children must be accompanied by an adult. Each class is stand-alone, so please join us when you can! 


CHILD CARE (Summer 2017)

If you have questions, please reach out at any time to Tracie (1st - 6th grade) or Kathy (babies through kindergarten). 

102 - Infants
109 - Toddler 1
105 - Toddler 2
103 - Little Lambs (2s) (a lesson will be taught at 10:00am)
223 - 3s - Kindergarten (a lesson will be taught at 10:00am)

WIGGLE ROOM:  A Wiggle Room is available if you prefer to have your child with you but he or she is a little too active or noisy to be in the service. The worship service is streamed into Room 132 so you can hear the sermon while you nurse or play with your baby/toddler. 

Room 132 is located off the Student Ministry Area, near the door that leads to the courtyard. 


                                                                                              UpSTAIRS CLASSROOMS

                                                                                              UpSTAIRS CLASSROOMS

Children ages 2 through 6th grade are taught by teams of volunteers who use the Tru curriculum by David C. Cook. This curriculum empowers the family to be the primary spiritual teacher and includes a weekly parent page emailed to families. The parent page previews the following Sunday’s lesson, has a memory verse and blessing for the family to use the week before the children will learn the lesson in Sunday school.  Ministry essentials for this curriculum include the following:

~ Scripture as authority
~ God’s ENTIRE story - from Genesis to Revelation, lessons share the good news of redemption through Jesus
~ God is central

                                                                                          DOWNSTAIRS CLASSROOMS

                                                                                          DOWNSTAIRS CLASSROOMS

If you would like to receive the weekly parent email, contact Tracie Meadows or Kathy White with your child’s name and age or grade or fill out this online form so we can add you to our church database.