A place to be known, cared for, and challenged in your walk with Christ.

What is a small group?
The Christian church was born and nurtured through small groups – a community of believers fully devoted to prayer, discipleship, serving others and advancing the gospel. At Third Church we believe that God created us to be in close fellowship with other believers.  Third would like for every member to be involved in a small group within the larger church, where you can be known, cared for and challenged to grow in your walk with Christ. 

What types of groups are offered?
Small groups at Third generally range in size from three to twelve people, and typically meet either weekly, bimonthly or monthly.  The composition of small groups varies and includes:

  • Beta: 6-week groups for those new to Third
  • Gender: men, women, and mixed groups
  • Life stage:  singles, young adults, couples, families, empty nesters, intergenerational
  • Special interest:  Dinner Eights (seasonal), book groups, care groups, missionary prayer and care groups.  

What's important in a group?
Third values groups that build authentic relationships, seek biblical truth, celebrate changed lives, and demonstrate an outward, Gospel-centered focus.   Groups require a commitment to God and to one another…and lots of grace.

When do new groups form?
Although a new group can be formed whenever there are several people interested and let by God, the best times to start a new small group are in September and February.

Are existing small groups open?
Yes. Many existing groups are open to new members, and Third encourages small groups to invite others into the same life-transforming experience in an ever-expanding network of small groups.

What’s the next step?
If you are interested in a small group, please first complete the form found on this page.

Someone will get in contact with you within a week to let you know of current or future small group opportunities.

For help in starting a new small group or find out more about existing groups, contact Beth Nichols, Director of Lay Ministry and Small Groups at 282-4645 x 124.

Where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.
— Matthew 18:20


In rock climbing, beta means learning about a route you are getting ready to climb by someone who has already been there. 

Beta groups at Third are six-week small groups that are designed especially for those who are new to our church, new to small groups, or interested in getting more involved and meeting people at Third. Beta Groups feature the following:

  • Visitors and New Members: This is the place to learn more about Third and your next steps in getting involved.
  • Community Life: It is easy to feel lost and disconnected in a large church. As a member of a Beta Group, you'll be part of a smaller community, allowing you to build friendships with a group of people who grow to know and care about each other.
  • Following Christ: Join with others in following Christ. We'll cover our discipleship model and learn about ways to join in God's work at Third, in Richmond, and the world. 

Beta Groups are forming for October and November 2017! Learn more and sign up here.