What Are Elders, Deacons and Trustees?


Elders are those that the congregation elects to lead the church in its life and mission.  They are mature followers of Jesus who together seek to understand and do God's will by equipping, teaching, and encouraging all the members of the church. Acting in unity together they are called "the Session" trusting that God gives wisdom and direction to the gathered body of elders beyond what he does with them as individuals. In pursuing God's purposes together, all elders lead and are called "ruling elders" but some are gifted in explaining God's word and are called "teaching elders."


Deacons are those that the congregation elects to lead the church in service and love.  The word "deacon" means servant so deacons are mature followers of Jesus who assist the elders by encouraging and stimulating the connection and care between people in the church and the extension of that to the community.  They are involved in cultivating hospitality, care for those dealing with a variety of emotional and physical needs, comfort for those who have lost loved ones, and advancing ministry of service and care into the community.


Trustees are those the congregation elects to help manage and care for the facility and grounds and the organizational life of the congregation.  They are employing wisdom to ensure that the care for and best use of the resources that God has given to the church.  They are concerned with maintenance, improvements, matters of security and safety, good financial management, and policies that help use the church resources well.